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Published on October 15th, 2014 | by Aaron Hart


Planning for Integration: Fitness Pentathlon

This week I’m posting a short bonus article to share an academic integration idea with you. It includes a short 1-page discussion of the standards- and outcomes-based process I used when developing the activity. Please review these resources and comment with your thoughts and ideas around the topic. I would love to hear how you plan for meaningful integration.

Fitness Pentathlon (Super Quick Instructions):

  • Students work in pairs or small group, each group with a Fitness Pentathlon Worksheet.
  • The use of heart rate or pulse monitors is required. Here are a few options for managing the use of HRM technology
    • Each student has a heart rate monitor.
    • Each group has a pulse monitor.
    • One student per group has a heart rate monitor and data is collected on only one student.
    • One or two pulse monitors are placed in an assessment area. Students move to the area to check their heart rate at the appropriate times.
    • OR, students could check their pulse the old-fashioned way and record their results. We recommend a 10-second timed pulse count (multiplied by 6 to get BPM).
  • Students complete the worksheet and a debrief session is conducted with the entire class.

Fitness Pentathlon Resources:

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is the Director of Educational Programs for US Games and teaches as a part-time faculty member in SUNY Cortland’s Physical Education Department. Aaron has been teaching physical education for seventeen years, serving all levels from Early Childhood through Graduate School. He’s provided over 150 professional development workshops in 36 states and Canada.

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